Greensburg, IN - Today, the State of Indiana announced a new hazardous material collection program for PFAS containing foam, which is used by firefighters to extinguish fires. Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb, State Fire Marshall Joel Thacker, and Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) Commissioner Brian Rockensuess joined Greensburg Mayor Joshua Marsh at Greensburg Fire Department Station 1 for the official take-back program announcement.

Statements from GFD Fire Chief and Mayor:

Greensburg Fire Chief Nathan Stoermer said, "The Greensburg Fire Department is honored to have representatives from our state in Greensburg to kick off the collection of fire fighting foams that have been found to be a known carcinogen, or caner causing, material. The state is putting public safety first by helping us collect these items for disposal. I am appreciative of the Governor, Homeland Security, State Fire Marshal for spearheading this historic event."

"We are excited to help kick off a new health initiative with our state leadership," said Greensburg Mayor Joshua Marsh. "Every day, men and women across the state wake up ready to protect us- and this opportunity is our chance to do that for them. Today, in partnership with IDEM, Homeland Security, and Governor Holcomb, we take steps to make the physical work place safer for our public safety."