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Property Improvement Programming 

The Building, Planning, and Zoning Office offers two programs for residential property owners that can benefit not only the curb appeal of their home but improve upon the safety of our neighborhoods as well. Starting in 2023, homeowners can apply for the Curb Appeal and Shared Cost Sidewalk and Curb programs. Both programs offer partial reimbursement-- please see below for applications and program details.

Curb Appeal Program

The City of Greensburg Curb Appeal Program is an assistance program for property owners to improve the appearance and quality of their property and enhance neighborhood aesthetic appeal. 


  1. To assist in the overall City of Greensburg revitalization and improve its appearance and image. 
  2. To help raise and improve the value of housing within the Greensburg city limits. 
  3. To help provide property owners with resources to make improvements to the exterior of their homes and their property. 
  4. To help leverage larger improvement projects and investment that may not otherwise take place. 
  5. To create a positive influence on surrounding properties and encourage further investment by neighboring and nearby property owners. 


The Curb Appeal Program provides matching funds as an incentive to property owners to enhance the exterior appearance (“curb appeal”) of their property.  The program is available to owners of residentially used properties within the Greensburg city limits.  Participants in the program must provide a minimum of 50% matching funds.  Funding is tiered depending on the type of projects proposed as follows:

  1. Maximum amount is $500 (50% of project cost up to $1000).
  2. Maximum amount is $750 if submitted with an immediate neighbor (50% of the project cost up to $1,500.)  
  3. The minimum amount for reimbursement is $100 (50% of project cost up to $200).

Subject to funding availability and on a first come first served basis.


This program is available to: 

  1. Residentially used owner-occupied or rental property within Greensburg city limits. 
    The property owner must be the one to apply for the program.
  2. All projects must be visible from the public sidewalk and/or street right-of-way (typically within the front or side yards).
  3. The owner or tenant(s) must have a household income of less than $100,000 annually and income verification may be requested. 


A property which has any of the following conditions is ineligible:

  1. Not located within the city limits of Greensburg
  2. The owner owes the City of Greensburg any money or debt (e.g., mowing liens)
  3. Property that has received Curb Appeal Program funds is not eligible for the program for a minimum of 12 months after the date of reimbursement. 
  4. Properties owned by a current elected official of the City of Greensburg or by a government entity. 

Full program details are available here. 

For more information or to request a physical application, please contact Building Commissioner Sarah Hamer by calling 812-662-8495 or emailing

Shared Cost Sidewalk and Curb Program

The City of Greensburg Shared Cost Sidewalk and Curb (SCSC) Program is designed to encourage the reconstruction of residential sidewalks and curbs.  Property Owner must be the one to apply for the program.  Not-for-profit organizations also qualify.  The City of Greensburg will reimburse $4 per square foot of sidewalk and $25 per linear foot of curb.  The Applicant pays the rest.  The applicant will be responsible for the demolition and disposal costs as with all other costs.  

The application window is open from January 1st through September 1st.  The number of SCSC Program requests approved will be limited by annual funding and will be awarded on a first come first served basis.  Funding is subject to approval by the Board of Works and they may review or make changes to the program during the time frame outside of the application period. 

Follow these steps to participate in the SCSC Program:

  • Complete the application.  Submit the application by email to the Director of Public Projects at their email available at or by U.S. mail to the Director of Public Projects, 314 W. Washington St., Greensburg, IN 47240.
  • A Public Project staff member will review the application and visit the site to inspect and measure the sidewalk and/or curb.
  • The city will be responsible for any curb ramps at intersections or elsewhere required by the city and any alley approach work required by the City. 
  • The applicant will receive a letter from the city via email or U.S. Mail.  The approximate amount, as well as other important information, will be included in the letter.  The actual amount of reimbursement will be determined at the conclusion of all construction activities.  Please read this participation letter thoroughly. 
  • Review and comply with the SCSC Program Standard Specifications. 
  • Applicant may hire a qualified contractor or perform the work themselves if the SCSC Program Standard Specifications are met.
  • Applicant is responsible for any necessary tree removal.  Trees and their stumps shall be removed where the existing sidewalk or surrounding ground is heaved from tree growth, as directed by the Director of Public Projects. 
  • An approved Street Cut Permit is required prior to the start of any work.
  • Prior to placing concrete, all formwork must be inspected and approved by the Director of Public Projects for compliance with City standards and accessibility. 
  • The city will not reimburse the Applicant if the SCSC Program Standard Specifications are not met. 
  • To schedule an inspection with a Public Projects staff member, please email or call 812-222-0261. One (1) full business day notice is required.
  • After the work is completed to the Applicant’s satisfaction and has been inspected and approved by a City staff member, the Applicant must pay all contractors and suppliers.  The City will not pay contractors or suppliers directly. 
  • To receive reimbursement for a completed project, all receipts must be turned in by November 15th.
  • Upon completion and submission of the required documents, the City will issue a check to the Applicant.  Please allow up to 5 weeks for receipt of payment. 

Full program details available here.

For more information and to request a physical application, please contact Building Commissioner Sarah Hamer at calling 812-662-8495 or by emailing