Trick or Treat Hours

Halloween 2021

Trick or Treat Hours

Greensburg City-wide Trick or Treat hours will be held on Saturday, October 30 from 5:00-8:00 pm.

City Council

Members of the city council are part-time elected officials who serve four-year terms and can run for re-election as often as they wish. As a legislative body, the council exercises many of the powers given cities through the passage of ordinances and appropriation of money.

The council also has the power to form committees, either standing or special, to aide them in the completion of their work. Standing committees are permanent committees, set up at the beginning of the term of office, and are referred on all matters relating to specific subjects. Special committees are temporary and are set up to handle a special subject and are discharged when the issue is settled. City Council meetings fall on the first Monday of the month, but fall on the first Tuesday if that Monday is a city holiday. 

To request to be on the City Council agenda, please contact Communications Director Kristen Williams by emailing or call 812-663-3344. 

City Council Members

Kevin Fleetwood
District 1

Vietta McKenzie
District 2

Jaime Cain
City Council President, District 3

Darrell Poling

Rick Emsweller
District 4

Chris Stephen
City Attorney