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Does the City replace curbs or sidewalks?

Sidewalks and curbs are the property owner's responsibility according to Greensburg's City Code. We do have a program where the city will remove the existing sidewalk.

People are driving too fast in my neighborhood. Can the City put in a speed bump?

The speed bump is an increased hazard to the unwary....a challenge to the daredevil....a disruption of the movement of emergency vehicles....the cause of an undesirable increase in noise....and a real problem to snow removal. The City does not install speed bumps on City Streets or alleys.  

I'm concerned about the children in the neighborhood and the speeding motorists. Can the City put up a "Slow Children At Play" sign?

"Children at Play" and “We love our children” signs are very popular signs with the general public. The Indiana Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) does not include these or similar signs and therefore, placing them is violation of Indiana law. Our office receives many requests to install these signs from well-meaning citizens who want traffic to slow down so children will be safe.   If a driver doesn't slow down when they see children playing, they will not slow down because a sign says there are children playing. The signs are not effective; therefore, the City does not install them.

Will lowering the speed limit slow down traffic on my street?

Studies show that a driver's speed is influenced more by the appearance of the roadway and prevailing traffic conditions than by the posted speed limit. Some drivers will obey the lower posted speed while others will feel it's unreasonable and simply ignore it. This disrupts traffic flow and increases accident potential between the faster and the slower drivers. When traffic is traveling at different speeds, the number of breaks in traffic to permit safe crossing is reduced. Pedestrians also have greater difficulty in judging the speed of approaching vehicles. Speed limits should always be based on traffic engineering surveys that include an analysis of roadway conditions, accident records and the prevailing speed of prudent drivers.

Will a stop sign slow traffic in my neighborhood?

The common misuse of stop signs is to arbitrarily interrupt traffic either by causing it to stop or by causing such an inconvenience that motorists are forced to use other routes. Studies show that speed is reduced in the immediate vicinity of the "nuisance" stop sign but were actually higher between intersections than before they were installed.

We need to repair our sewer lateral and the contractor has to cut in the street. Do I need a permit for this work?

Your contractor is required to obtain a Street Cut Permit from the city engineer’s office. There is a $35.00 charge for this permit, and a bond must be obtained to guarantee the street cut for 2 years from the date the cut is made.

A street light in my neighborhood is out. Who do I report this to?

The most expedient way is to report it directly to Duke Energy via this link:  If you would prefer, you may call the Street Department at 663-5634 and we will report it for you.

I have a chuckhole in my street. Who do I report it to?

You can utilize the contact form on this website or call the Street Department at 663-5634 to report a chuckhole.