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Trash & Brush Routes

I am new to town.  How do I get signed up for trash service?

When you go to the utility for setting up your account for water and wastewater services, they will place you on trash service and include the fee with your bill. They will inform you what day your collection will occur.

How do I go about utilizing the recycling service?

House to house recycling throughout the city is administered by the Decatur County Solid Waste District. You may request delivery of a recycle container by calling 812-663-0960. Your recycle will be collected every other week on the same day as your trash collection excluding weeks that include a holiday.  A complete schedule is available on the Solid Waste District website.

I have brush or yard waste that needs to be collected, what do I do?

If you have done the work yourself, place it at the curb for collection the same day as your trash collection.  Loose material must be bagged, preferably in clear bags or marked and placed away from your regular trash.  Brush must be stacked in front of your property with all cut ends facing the street. If you have contracted with someone to trim vegetation on your property, it is their responsibility to remove such by city ordinance. In the fall, leaves are collected separately and must be also bagged.

What do I do with large items for trash?

Twice each year the city holds Heavy Trash weeks.  On that week, any appliances, furniture, construction debris and most other large items will be collected on the day of your normal trash collection. Electronics and tires cannot be collected at any time.

I have a new TV or Computer. What do I do with the old one?

Recent laws enacted in the State of Indiana forbid the disposal of electronics in any landfill, so the city cannot collect them. The Decatur County Solid Waste District holds various events throughout the year where such items are collected for recycling.