Greensburg, IN -  A new type of park is coming to Greensburg in the future. Beginning in late 2019, Greensburg Police (GPD) Chief Brendan Bridges began speaking with city officials in an effort to bring an Inclusion Park to Greensburg. Bridges met with Tina Stanton, an early childhood professor at the University of Cincinnati, CEO of Playground Equipment Services Eric Schmidt, and John Day of Miracle Midwest to design the park.
Stanton, in an interview with Cincinnati News Station Local 12, stated that other parks are designed around a child’s “physical” disabilities while an inclusion park is designed for children with “sensory” disabilities. “The kids who have autism or sensory disabilities tend to wander around playgrounds,” she said. “We are trying to get them [the children] in and be engaged and around other children more.”
The Greensburg Inclusion Park, which will be located in Rebekah Park on the east side of Greensburg, will include equipment made for children of all ages and all abilities. Adults will also have the opportunity to play and interact with their children on the equipment as well, making it an enjoyable afternoon for the whole family.
“This park is a great way for kids with or without disabilities to be able to interact with each other,” Chief Bridges said. “From a firsthand experience, I was able to visit a similar park in Cincinnati with my son Jaxon, who is autistic. I saw him interact and play with kids of all ages and abilities and thought that this park would be a benefit to the residents of Greensburg.”
A layout of the Greensburg Inclusion can be found at the link below. Equipment has not been finalized, but a list  will be provided in the near future. Funding for the Greensburg Inclusion Park will come from grants, fundraisers and private donations. To make a donation to the park, please contact GPD Chief Brendan Bridges by calling 812-663-3131.


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