Selection Process

The selection process that all applicants must go through to become a Greensburg Police Officer consists of a variety of tests, assessments, and investigations that assist the department in employing those applicants best suited for police work.

The process utilized by the Greensburg Police Department includes:

Step 1 – Online Application
Step 2 – Physical Fitness Testing
Step 3 – Entry Level Written Examination
Step 4 – Oral Interview
Step 5 – Background Investigation
Step 6- Chief’s Interview
Step 7- Board of Works Interview
Step 8 – Conditional Offer of Employment
Step 9 – Psychological Examination
Step 10 – Medical Examination
Step 11 – Local Pension Board Approval
Step 12 – State PERF Acceptance
Step 13 – Chief’s Final Review
Step 14 – Employment Offer-One year probation
Step 15 – Successful Completion of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy
Step 16 – Successful Completion of the Field Training and Evaluation Process

*Applicants must pass each individual step in the hiring process to be eligible to advance to the next step.

Lieutenant Joe Radcliff 812-663-3131