New Construction

*New subdivision Water Availability Fees and Sewer Connection Fees are due at the signage of the final plat approval.

**All lots must have their Water Availability, Water Tap/Inspection, Sewer Connection, Sewer Inspection and Erosion Control Fees paid before a building permit will be issued.

***Once the Water and Sewer Inspections have been completed, the service will become a billable account and will be billed to the above owner of the property. To get the service changed the new owner/renter need to apply at our office. A deposit will be charged.

****Subdivision Hydrant Fees are charged until the City assumes responsibility for all water lines and hydrants (1yr after deed of ded.)

Water Ordinance 2013-14 provides Private Fire Protection & Water Service Hose & Sprinkler Connection charges for private communities and businesses or homes that require more than the City provided fire protection (a private community is one that does not deed over the water, wastewater & streets to the City of Greensburg. i.e. apartment complexes, trailer parks, etc.).

Please fill in the amount of each of the following that is contained within your property.

The lists of charges are on a monthly basis and will be billed to the above listed owner's address unless specified differently.

* Water Service (Ordinance 2013-14)
*Please fill in the amount of each of the following that is contained within your property.
*Please fill in the below applicable description amount in order to figure the "Sewer Connection Fee"

**Rate is determined by the trunk line size

Late payment charge: 10% 1st $3.00, 3% thereafter

*Apartment buildings/one meter per building-

**Condominiums may have one meter per unit and separate sewer laterals.

Wastewater Service (Ordinance 2013-15)

Treatment rate per 100 cubic feet of usage per month: $ 3.35

Base Rate per month:
5/8"-3/4" - $13.60
1" - 31.25
1 ¼"-1 ½" - 70.15
2" - 119.40
3" - 272.10
4" - 483.70
6" - 1,083.10
8" - 1,929.25
10" - 3,442.05

Monthly rate for non-metered single family dwelling unit: $32.95

Late payment charge: 10%

For your information the above, Water Service Ordinance and Sewer Service Ordinance, is a list of our rates and charges. Bills are mailed out the last day of each month and are due by the 17th of the following month.

Water Non-Recurring Charges

Description of Charge Charge
5/8" or ¾" connection or tap-on - $750.00
5/8" or ¾" availability fee - $955.00
1" connection or tap-on - $1000.00
1" availability fee - $2390.00
Above 1" connection or tap-on - $1000 plus time & material
1-1/2" availability fee - $4775.00
2" availability fee - $7640.00
3" availability fee - $14325.00
4" availability fee - $23875.00
6" availability fee - $47750.00
8" availability fee - $76400.00
10"availability fee - $109825.00

Water inspection fee - $25.00

Reconnection charge - $25.00

Late payment charge - 10% on 1st $3.00, 3% on balance

(Current charges only)
Bad check charge - $27.50
After hours service call - $25.00
Meter test - $15.00
Two-hour test - $15.00

Sewer Non-Recurring Charges

Wastewater Inspection Fee (City Code 50.020-C)
Residential & Commercial - $ 25.00
Industrial - $100.00

**Contractor or Utility must provide a Traffic Control Plan and be responsible for all barricades and lighting.

Sewer Ordinance 2006-19 (Amending Ordinance 1997-15)

Sewer Connection Fee:
Residential - $900 per EDU
All other Users - $900 per EDU (see below)

Please fill in the below applicable description amount in order to figure the "Sewer Connection Fee"
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I certify that all of the information I have completed above is correct and accurate. I also understand that until I am contacted by a representative of the Municipal Water and Wastewater Office of the City of Greensburg, Indiana I have not formally applied or my application accepted.
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